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Blonde Ambition.
Blonde Ambition . . .He struts to the ring in a gallant way, his hair of blonde locks for women to play.  Smiles and nods his head to the crowd . . .he is a prince for which I scream out loud.  Tickled by what he says on the mic, grinning and nodding to what he said last night.   Oh, the humor for which I laugh, he is witty, cunning, and has a great ass.   He is playful in the way he fights; I am telling you that it is a wonderful sight.   He and his partner are the talented ones, for which the world won't overcome.  

Some day, I hope to meet this man, could I please, if I can.  To take his hand into mine, and shake it until the end of time.   I hope he lives a joyous life, someday with a baby and a beautiful wife.   Friendship, love, and happiness- to all the times he won't miss.   Take it day by day and your love will never fade.   Good luck in everything you do . . .I will be there watching over you.

Now, on to some better things . . .a body of rock, a soul on fire, Christian is a man to be desired.   Leaning back on a chair, I look at him while he plays with his hair.   Pulling it back or tying it up; it doesn't matter, he lives it up.   Soft features of his face, I dream it is a peaceful place.   Kind heart and boyish charm, never let there be any harm.   Sleep peaceful tonight, and know that you are not out of my sight.

That was for Jason Reso . . .one half of the best tag team in my history of the WWF.