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Thanks You's/Credits


The biggest thanks of all goes to my wonderful sister Glenda!  I could have never made this site what it is without all your help, your encouragement and your graphics skills!!!  Thanks for listening to me bellyache when things went wrong and celebrating with me when things went right!  You're wonderful!  THANK YOU SIS!!!

A huge thank you goes out to Adam & Jay.  Without them this site wouldn't be!  Thanks for all your hard work, your dedication, for entertaining us and for putting your safety at risk each and everytime you step in that squared circle for our entertainment!  We hope this site shows our love for you!

Jeff's_chicklet- Edgucation banner
veroweb - tagboard, counter, online counter
Litalover - setting up the forum, banners
Kristin - banner
Diva Studios - link button
Torrie -link button,, news
ferah at screencaps