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Unforgiven Results



Location: Hershey, PA

Reporter: Ryan Clark

Intercontinental Championship Match

Triple Threat Match

Referee: Nick Patrick

Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Christian (c)

Christian's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion and this is a Triple Threat Match with Christian defending the title in a Triple Threat Match against Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam!

The start:

Christian taunted Rob Van Dam with the Intercontinental Title and Rob Van Dam hit Christian and then Jericho and Christian double teamed RVD with a number of right hands to knock him down to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

During the match, Jerry Lawler gave us an update on Shane McMahon and he has been taken to the hospital and there is serious concern about his neck.

Rob Van Dam went for a hurricanrana on Chris Jericho but Chris Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho and the referee was there to check on RVD to see if he wanted to tap out but RVD refused to tap. RVD crawled in an attempt to reach the ropes but Jericho pulled RVD back to the center of the ring and Christian eventually got in the ring and broke the Walls of Jericho. Christian then pinned Rob Van Dam but only got a two count.

Chris Jericho and Christian then brawled, fighting to the outside of the ring, exchanging right hands and chops. Chris Jericho whipped Christian into the steel steps, knees first and Christian flipped over the steps landing on his back on the hard mats.

Chris Jericho kicked Rob Van Dam in the chest and then he went off the ropes and gave him a bulldog and then he went for the lionsault but RVD moved and Chris saw him moving so he landed on his feet but Chris looked to have jarred his knee. RVD then knocked Chris Jericho down to the mat and then he hit him with a moonsault and a pin for a two count as Christian came off the top rope with an elbow drop but RVD saw it soon enough to move out of the way. Christian landed on Jericho with a vicious elbow drop.

Rob Van Dam gave Christian a drop toe hold and Christian landed on Chris Jericho in the 69 position and then RVD went to the top rope and jumped off with the five star frog splash on both men. RVD was unable to make the pin to win the match.

Rob Van Dam attempted to lift Chris Jericho up on his back on the top rope and Christian went over and hit RVD and grabbed RVD in a power bomb as RVD pulled Chris Jericho down to the mat with an electric chair and the fans went absolutely nuts after that amazing display, chanting "Holy shit, holy shit." Christian then pinned RVD but only got a two count.

Christian got in the ring with the IC Title and went to hit RVD with it but RVD grabbed him by the legs and catapulted him into Chris Jericho. RVD then rolled Christian up for a two count.

RVD knocked Christian down with a spin kick and then he went to the top rope for the frog splash and Jericho came up on the ring apron with a steel chair and then RVD kicked that chair into Jericho's face.

The finish:

RVD then came off the top rope with the frog splash but Christian got his knees and the Championship belt up into RVD's gut. Christian then pinned Rob Van Dam for the three count to retain the title.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Christian