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Raw Results


Written by Frank -

Raw Janurary 12, 2004
Jericho is reeling in pain, when Christian walks in. Christian tells Chris that Trish is trying to screw Jericho over, and she's trying to get even with him. Christian says they should head out and paint the town with his peeps. Y2J agrees and they leave. Right after they leave, Trish goes to talk to Jericho, but Jericho isn't there.

RVD's music hits, and Mr. Monday Night makes his way to the ring for his IC match against Christian. Christian makes his way down to the ring, and acknowledges his peeps!! Christian starts with a kick, and send RVD to the corner. Christian swings RVD over to the other, but RVD flips out, and splashes him. 1-2... RVD nails a spin kick, and a standing moonsault. Christian runs to the outside, and starts leaving. RVD flips out of the ring onto Christian. Back in the ring, RVD does a leg drop to the outside. He then goes up for the Five Star Frog Splash, but misses. Christian attacks with some boots, and then nails kick to the armpit. Cover by Christian, kick out. Christian continues to give some boots, and puts RVD into a stretch and punches his ribs. RVD gets out, and school boys Christian for a two count. Christian pins RVD for a two count. Christian punches RVD, and gets kicked in the face by RVD. Leg sweep by RVD, and a rolling thunder... 1-2.. kick out. RVD hits a moonsault for another close pin. The men punch eachother, and RVD goes for another pin, and another, but doesn't get it. Christian falls to the outside, and RVD goes to get him, but Christian nails RVD with the belt, and gets disqualified. Christian goes under the ring, and pulls out a ladder and smashes RVD in the head with it. He then sets the ladder up in the corner and calls out to the peeps. He then climbs the ladder and nails a Five Star Frog Splash on RVD from the top of the ladder. Yeah! This peep is happy.
Lita and Trish are walking backstage, as Christian and Jericho check them out. Austin interrupts, and asks Jericho if he's proud of what he did to JR and King. Next week, JR -vs- Coach. Christian says Austin can't do that. Austin asks who Christian is to say that. He calls Christian a CLB... Christian asks what that is... "Christian like blondes"... Austin says, no.. it's Creepy Little Bastard. Austin then makes a RVD -vs- Christian ladder match for the IC belt. Jericho says he's ready for Austin to play.