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A letter from Kevin Kelly- NEW


Dear Rob Van Dam and Edge,


You both needed to win at Unforgiven but you didn't. You both have so much potential and yet so many miles left to climb to get to the top of the mountain. The label of "unfulfilled potential" is a nasty one to remove. The stain of never winning the big one keeps athletes out of their respective sport's Hall of Fame. Yankees fans know why Don Mattingly is on the outside of Cooperstown looking in.


How do each of you react to your respective losses at Unforgiven? That can help shape your future more than the taste of defeat. RVD deserves a rematch against Triple H and Edge needs to tip his cap to Eddie Guerrero but it's time to kick it in gear and finish out 2002 strongly.


I have immense respect for both of you and I know you will one day hold the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship respectively but the time is now for RVD and Edge.



Kevin Kelly