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Hair Today, Gone at Judgement Day- NEW


by Matt Duda

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - Edge and Kurt Angle meet inside the squared circle on May 19 at Judgment Day in a match that has more on the line than a gold championship. The loser must submit to having his head shaved clean.

"I'm not going to lose," Angle told shortly before Tuesday's SmackDown! taping. "I just can't wait to see how ugly Edge is with that pretty hair off his head. I've been thinking about that every moment of the day, every night. I can't wait until our match transpires because when I defeat Edge yet again, he's going to have to shave his head and I'm going to get so much satisfaction out of it."

Edge does seem to have more to lose. While Angle prefers to keep his hair cropped close to his skull in near military fashion, Edge's golden locks have defined him since the seventh grade. However, Edge admits that his long hair isn't exactly a prized feature.

"I've gotten kind of sick of it," he said. "I've been thinking for a while about cutting it. But it's become so much a part of my character."

Just because he doesn't necessarily love his hair doesn't mean that Edge is willing to part with it all, but he knows how to deal with it in the event he comes up short against Angle. "I've got kind of an odd shaped, melon," he said. "Edge being bald just doesn't work. I would probably keep it short. There are stages when you're growing it out that you just look ridiculous.

Regardless of who leaves Nashville resembling a billiard ball, it's certain that Edge and Angle will put together a tremendous match. Since their stellar bout at Backlash, the two superstars have continued to work together on SmackDown! and on non-televised WWE live events. Angle believes that they "stole the show" at Backlash and could very well do the same at Judgment Day.

"It's been very exciting working with Edge," Angle said. "The guy is phenomenal. He's talented, he's proven himself to be one of the best here and I hope we can continue on with this for a long time because I'm getting a lot of joy out of kicking his butt all the time."

Edge agrees that working with the Olympic Hero has helped build his presence in the singles division. "I love it," Edge said. "I needed this angle to solidify myself as a singles guy. For a while, I had the tag team stigma following me. I don't know if people had accepted me fully in singles yet. This is doing that."

"I'm feeling real good," Edge added. "I think I'm hitting my stride now and Kurt has helped. I was hoping the (brand extension) would be a good opportunity for me and so far it's been real good."

Credit WWF