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Beginning of a Long Fued for Edge & Christian- NEW


by Phil Speer

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Edge and Christian were bruised and stitched up Monday, one day after their one-on-one confrontation at Unforgiven, but they were content.

"I was happy with the match," said Christian, the new World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion. "It was physical, hard-hitting and intense. That's the kind of match I like to have."

However, matches of that style can take their toll on the competitors. Edge's left eye was very swollen, and his entire body was sore. Christian said his neck area was especially stiff. Both superstars also got three stitches for their trouble -- Christian right below his nose, and Edge below his left eye.

"(It happened) when I gave Christian a German suplex," Edge said. "I'm definitely not the master of the German suplex, like Chris Benoit, because (Christian) landed on my face."

Christian, meanwhile, was cut just above his lip when Edge hit him with a chair.

"We went into it with the mentality that we were going to go full-throttle," Edge said. "All our matches will be like that."

There will most assuredly be more matches in the immediate future, both competitors said.

"This is just the beginning of a long feud," Christian said.

That's why it was essential that Christian won the match, and the Intercontinental Title.

"If I'd have won, then where do we go?" Edge said. "Now, I'd love to have two, three or four Pay-Per-Views with me chasing him and him spouting off at the mouth (saying), 'See! I told you so! I was better all along.'

"There's so many different things you can do, match-wise. It's nice to think that there's a feud involving the Intercontinental Title again."

* Credit WWF *