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September 30, 2003


September 30, 2003

I have to start off this week's Edgeucation with a tip of the hat to Rob Van Dam and Christian. While I feel the Ladder Match is overused, which makes it feel less special, last night Christian and RVD put on one hell of a special match nonetheless. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Ladder Matches. I just feel they should be done more sporadically. With all of that being said, last night's match, to me, stands up against any I've seen (although I am biased toward the first-ever tag team Ladder Match involving yours truly; TLCs are a different animal altogether). What was even more impressive was that the Miserable Bastard (my pet name for Christian) did it with a case of whiplash he suffered in last week's match. Well done, guys, the Edge Army salutes you.

Well folks, it's Sept. 30. Exactly one month until I hit that dreaded age of 30. Wow. I started training for this business at the tender age of 17. Hopefully, like a fine wine, I'll get better with age.

I've received many e-mails this week about the supposed rumor of me calling it quits. Not so folks. You are stuck with me for a little while longer, at least. I always said when I got into this industry that at the age of 35 I would sit down and see where I am financially, but more importantly, physically. Well, thankfully I don't need to do this business because of finances anymore. I still want to do it because I love it. Fingers crossed the neck holds and I don't have to make that decision until then. At that point, I'll see how I feel, and what I've accomplished professionally. As you all well know, I will not retire until I win the WORLD TITLE; I'm just too stubborn. However, the last thing I want to do is wear out my welcome and start embarrassing myself in the ring. As tough as I'm sure it will be to do, I'd like to get out while I'm still near the top of my game. That's what I say now, but I also know that the business is in my blood, and I'm addicted. It's my only vice, so what the hell. Maybe I'll still be slugging away at the age of 40.

To answer the most useless questions I get asked often: My eyes are green, and I don't pay attention to what shampoo I use (but it's definitely not Japanese). My wife buys it, and I slop it on the ol' melon. Please, no more e-mails on these two. Thank you. That's my semi-rant out of the way.

CHEAP PLUG ALERT: Attended a concert this week with some of the Red Sox (who were in town) and my buddies in the Creed camp. The band we saw was called Submersed, and they totally blew me away. It was something like their ninth show, and they were awesome. Their first single drops in early November and the full CD is due in January. I sincerely predict they will be huge, and their ages range from 19 to 24 (which makes me feel even older). They have a damn prodigy on guitar, and the lead singer can blow the doors off the place. The album is produced by Mark Tremonti from Creed. Their Web site is Check it out; we were thoroughly impressed. You can hear four of the tracks on the site. Let me know what ya think.

I've had requests all week for some more strange or funny stories. Well, this one definitely falls into the strange category. How do I put this? OK, here goes. I'll be blunt. I was the first person Rhyno ever spooned with. Yes, that kind of spooning. Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. Christian and I traveled to Detroit early in our careers for some independent promotions. It was roughly a four-hour drive from Toronto, so many times we stayed at the Man-Beasts old house. It was not a huge house, and sleeping space was limited.

One night after a show we headed back to his house exhausted. I was ready for some serious shuteye to prepare for the show the next day. Rhyno had a cot which the Creepy Little Bastard, Christian, snapped up. I proceeded to tell him that, because I had more experience in wrestling, I should get the cot. He wasn't buying that, so I weighed my options. Rhyno's couch was taken by one his brother's rather obese and house-rattling-snore-king friends. This meant the floor, or I share Rhyno's bed with him. I was sore and had been forced to share a room with eight people in Halifax before (that's the indies baby, and another story in itself), so sharing beds was not a big deal. The next morning it became a big deal. I woke up to find Rhyno's ham hock wrapped gently around my shoulders. It took a second for me to realize that the burly bastard was cuddling with me. Now, I have to admit that I am a pretty cuddly guy (if I do say so myself), but I'd always done it with the opposite sex. No offense to anyone, but cuddling with 300-pound men is not my cup of tea. I guess for the night I replaced Rhyno's pillow, which he usually headlocks while he sleeps.

To this day, Rhyno still lets his wife (yes, he married a woman) know that I was the first person he spooned with. It doesn't place high on my accomplishment list, but what the hell, it was a first!

Before I forget, I did notice the We Miss Edge signs at Unforgiven and RAW, and once again, thank you very much. You don't know how good it makes me feel. Well, that's it for this week. You have probably been grossed out by my spooning experience, but, for better or for worse, you have definitely been Edgeucated!