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Fans Reactions to RVD vs. Christian


 Story By: Tracey Russell
September 30, 2003

We asked you the visitors here at what you thought of the amazing RVD/Christian Ladder match. After much consideration we've found some of the best feedback.

Definitely one of the best matches I have seen in a long time. Rightfully so both performers received a standing ovation, It did look like everyone was standing. Maybe RVD can do with this title what he did for the other in ECW. It should have been the World title, but at least for once it seemed like the WWE listened to the people. Props to Christian as well, excellent display by both. Both guys definitely took it to another level last night. Hopefully they will give RVD a serious run with it and not try to strip him of it in a week. WWE allow RVD to showcase some real talent for awhile, huh.

- Mike
First off I love ur analysis of the RVD/Christian ladder match...great writing! That ladder match was absolutely awesome. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and usually it takes a lot to keep my attention in a match. I loved that there was no screw job finish. It was a clean match with so much action and adrenaline. Major props to both RVD and Christian. The bumps were great and the finish was even better. This is definitely a match of the year candidate.

- Kristen
while i can respect and appreciate RVDs desire and willingness to go out there many nights of the week and put his body on the line to entertain fans, I just do not find him that entertaining. I think his character has become stale and his wrestling style extremely predictable and mundane. in my opinion, RVD has lost his appeal and needs a huge character change to get his once high level of excitement back. is winning the IC Title a start? right now, i say no. he needs more than that.

- Rob Perez
I thought that was the best match that the WWE has put on Raw in years. Non-stop action and high risk moves that people tend to love now! And most importantly.....someone in the main event for a title that isnt a tag match or doesn't involve a man named HHH, Goldberg, Nash, HBK, Kane and so on.....

More of this and WWE will be back and the ratings will be higher than ever! Good Job WWE!

- JDailey
the ladder match is one of the best matches i have seen in a long time. the whole raw show was great, but the I.C. title match was absolutely fantastic. both r.v.d. and Christian did a tremendous job, and give one memorable performance. the entire match was just wow after wow!!. every time I thought that something was the best part of the match, one of the 2 go and do something even better. both men are great athletes and deserve a big round of applause. what a match they put on for the fans, not only there, but watching worldwide. great job, and great match guys. A+. thank you.

- justin
Was it just me, or did RVD look legitimately hurt after the watch. I know it must hurt like hell being in a ladder match and then falling 15 feet off of the ladder. But he seemed to be in agonizing pain as the camera zoomed in on him as RAW went off the air, and you could see that the referee was really concerned. But anyways, I just want to add that when RVD kept climbing the ladder, and stood up at the very top before the frog splash, I actually got goose bumps. And when he hit the it i yelled "HOLT SHIT!" It was unbelievable. The best match ever on RAW. And hopefully this will show Vince and everyone in the WWE that RVD really can be a top draw in the WWE. Just look at the crowds reaction! I remember reading how they thought that he was a one dimensional fighter. Well he sure knows how to get people off their asses and onto their feet! And hopefully, this pulled in some good ratings too. But in the end, it was the greatest match ever on Raw, and hopefully a good sign for the future of RVD.

- Cuong
I was there live at the all state arena in Chicago and i would say it had to be the match of the year it was very reminiscent of the old hbk razor ramon ladder matches in the 90s both wrestlers seemed to execute flawlessly and the crowd was in awe most the match. The crowd was going nuts as they usually do here in the windy city but this match seemed to blow the roof off the place there were no quiet moments during the match it seemed throughout the match some chant was going on whether it was an rvd chant holy s@#t chant and even the the old ecw chant made an appearance my vote would defiantly go for this one as match of the year

- John Lukasik
Honestly, I didn't expect at all that this match will end like this, quite frankly I was shocked! I'm not a fan of RVD nor Christian, but yesterday's RAW...I gained a lot of respect for both of them! And specially Christian. One last thing, yesterday's RAW reminded me with old WWF.

- stonecoldsteveaust1n
This was the best live match I've ever seen. The amount of bumps that they each took was crazy. After the match, Christian was definitely in some pain and had to be helped to the back. RVD stayed after Raw went off the air, and did a lap around the arena, slapping hands and talking to fans. It was a great show, and was one of the best Raw's they have put out in a while.

- Tim
FINALLY!!!!!! what can i say, for once a great, classic action packed match with no bullcrap interferences, no stupid finishes just an awesome contest between two highly under rated talents in Christian and rvd!

did u hear that crowd, WOW!!!! i have one question to pose, why is RVD not the friggin world heavyweight champion? he makes Goldberg look like crash holly, i mean seriously wwe have dropped the ball for a long time now with RVD and its time, especially with HHH gone, its time for RVD to shine like he should and is meant to! Christian showed tonight why he is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet, he has came along way and Im very proud to be one of the Peeps!

by the way Jericho was awesome as always tonight! RVD or Y2J should be the champ as they are easily the most entertaining and most over on the roster!

- Donnie Howard
It's-- it's... it's about time. I'm amazed and thrilled that the WWE has finally recognized RVD and given him a good title shot, and I'm even happier that the man that put on a better show won. For weeks, every match that had a title belt even somewhat close to the ring ended with someone grabbing the title and hitting their opponent with it, but in this match, that was not only made impossible, but it was, thankfully, made obsolete. Christian was decimated most of the time, with a little decent offense here and there, but RVD put on the best show since ECW went off the air. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but they put so much of themselves into this bout that they actually broke one of the ladders and it was barely able to stand up straight when RVD climbed to the top. And pinning Christian under the ladder to climb to the top... well, brilliant. This was not just a candidate, so far, this was the match of the year. The WWE will be hard pressed to top it without bringing in new wrestlers altogether. This was amazing and I can now watch Smackdown this week without feeling like the WWE is a waste of my time.

- Fuzzy Mickael
I just got home from what was the best wrestling show I have ever seen. Raw has definitely been going in the right direction the past few weeks and just keep getting better. I like what they did with Austin. JR and King are back. The Goldberg/HBK match was pretty good but kind of short. The women's scuffle if you would went over good i thought. The Hur Hur Huricane/Kane segment was good. They keep pushing Kane as being a monster. The crowd was into the whole night, I loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back again. The last time they came was a smackdown! brand show and i said i was never going back. Well they have swayed me defiantly. RVD RVD RVD!!

- Brian Czak
raw this week was, in my opinion, the best of the year, of all WWE programming. I could've cared less JR/Coach match, and the Goldberg, Hbk/ Evolution match, but the matches, in my opinion, that made the show worth watching were the 6-man tag(really big OVW graduate supporter), Dudleys vs. Steiner and Test, and of course, the RVD/Christian Ladder match. In my opinion, it is better than the TLC match from last year. Both are great workers in my opinion, and put 115% effort into this match. This truly proves that both of these workers should be working the main event more often.

- Dustin Christman
Overall I would have to agree that tonight's RAW was a turning point for the company if they will FINALLY realize that the fans want to see more wrestling, less story-telling, and definitely less on-air McMahons in the mix taking face time away from the true stars. The ladder match was GREAT... definitely MOTY material. Even the "country ass whoopin" match was better than I thought it would be. The only downside of the broadcast for me was the botched backstage Christian spot. For those of you that do not know what I am referring to when Christian was walking backstage past Lita and Trish before the ladder match you could clearly hear a females voice off-camera tell Christian to walk back down the hall to redo the spot. What's worse if the fact that instead of cutting the camera feed they stayed on camera while Christian walked back down the hall and you saw Lita and Trish come out of character and go from wincing in pain selling their beat-down to laughing and smiling. Aside from this screw-up is was an overall solid show. Just as a sidenote, I would like to voice my opinion here and state for the record what a true student of the business Chris Jericho is. I am impressed with him week in and week out and feel that he is the best overall talent on the RAW roster at this time and it is a shame that he is not wearing the strap. If there is anyone more deserving right now I don't know who that person would be.

- Shaun
Match of the year? Yeah, right! First of all, RVD is my second favorite wrestler, just behind Taker, and Christian is pretty cool, but that match wasn't that great. Now don't get me wrong. It was good, but ladder matches are too similar now a days. And Christian, Mr. TLC, just plain sucks at ladder matches. Have you seen the E&C ladder match from No Mercy 2001? They spent 90% of the match on their hands and knees. Again, the match was cool, but not "Match of the Year" quality. Or maybe I'm wrong!?!

- Havok
I was definitely shocked by the quality of the match. I thought for sure Christian would try to cheat somehow by interference or use a steel chair or a low blow, but he didn't. This is one thing that the WWE very deeply needs in their matches but for whatever reason, refuses to do...have good, straight, quality one-on-one matches. But every time I see a match nowadays, it ends in disqualification because someone interfered.

I'm so glad that didn't happen this time. It's about time they had a simple honest match, and I send my congrats and respect out to both Christian and RVD. That definitely is a Match of the Year candidate. And RVD is looooooong overdue for a major title reign.

- Chris Tolley
All I have to say in the words of Joey Styles who by the way should be an announcer for WWE is OH MY GOD did u see that. Hands down this should be a top candidate for match of the year. Excellent finish and everything in between just kicked all possible A**. Hope to see more of the old RVD back in the WWE.

p.s keep up the good work on the site you are hands down the best wrestling site i visit everyday.

- Mikey
Rob Van Dam def. Christian to win the Intercontinental Championship. Years from now, people will read it like that, but only now can we appreciate what a hell of a match that was. It shows that the WWE isn't as stupid and gay as we thought it was for the past couple of months. They are actually starting to think: "Who do we need for ratings? Not a McMahon." As you noticed, not a single member of the McMahon family was on Raw on Monday. I guess they have finally realized RVD's infinite potential to some extent. Did you see the match? Rob PRESSED Christian! He pressed him! He hadn't done that press drop/moonsault since ECW, and it was to Little Guido (AKA Nunzio) ECW used that to show that RVD was the best, most well-rounded wrestler there. Guess what? After watching this sensational ladder match from Raw, even people who didn't like RVD have to admit that he is amazing. I cant wait for the future for this amazing athlete, and everybody's favorite superstar and mine: Rob...Van...Dam.

- Andrew K