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Raw Results- September 29, 2003


Backstage Christian walks down the hall and passes Trish and Lita. Christian says "Ladies, what's up?" as Lita and Trish ice their wounds. The camera lady says "One more time" and Christian turns around and walks back to where he came from?! I don't think we were supposed to see that!

RVD comes out first for his ladder match against Christian. Christian comes out next. The men start the bout with both of them staring at the title. Christian takes RVD down and starts punching him. RVD counters with a kick and takes Christian down. RVD grabs a ladder and Christian takes advantage and beats on him. RVD's head is driven to the mat, and Christian grabs another ladder into the ring, but gets the ladder kicked into him. RVD flies over the rope with a forward flip right into a ladder. The men stumble around, and RVD grabs Christian, but Christian throws him into the steps. Christian walks around and grabs a ladder and sets it on the steps. RVD gets smashed agains and Christian sets the ladder as a bridge from the ring to the barrier. Christian hets thrown onto the ladder and RVD does a spinning leg drop onto Christian. RVD picks up the ladder and brings it into the ring and sends Christian into the ring too. He sets one ladder at the turnbuckle. RVD tries to send Christian into the ladder, but he counters and RVD is thrown into it instead. Christian repositions the ladder and slingshots RVD's face into it. Christian then sets the ladder in the middle and try to get the belt, but RVD stops him. RVD grabs another ladder and body presses Christian onto another ladder and gives him a standing moonsault. RVD nails Christian with the ladder, and starts climbing the ladder, but Christian catches up to him and gives him the "Unprettier" from the top of the ladder. Christian then sets a ladder up at the turnbuckle and gets monkey flipped into it and then RVD gives him a rolling thunder on the ladder. RVD sets another ladder up at the turnbuckle and gets slammed down before he could execute a move. RVD kicks a ladder into Christian's face. RVD then goes for the frog splash, but Christian moves, and RVD lands on a ladder. Christian throws RVD out of the ring with a ladder and sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring. He climbs the ladder and reaches for the belt, but RVD comes back and pulls him down. Christian goes back up, and touches the belt and RVD drop kicks the ladder and Christian falls. RVD and Christian now both attempt to climb the ladder and get the belt. They punch eachother at the time. RVD jumps onto another ladder and Christian falls. RVD climbs to the top of the highest ladder and gives Christian a Five Star Frog Splash. He sets the ladder over Christian and gets the belt. RVD is the new IC Champ.