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Real Name: Adam Joesph Copeland
Birthday: Tuesday, October 30, 1973
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 241 pounds
Hometown: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Resides In: Tampa, Florida
Siblings: None
Mother: Judy
Marital Status: Married
Grade School Attended: Queen Elizabeth in Orangeville
High School Attended: Orangeville District Secondary School
College Attended: Humber College, North Campus in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
College Room Mate: Jay Reso
Major: Graduated with a degree in Radio Broadcasting
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color:  Green
Tattoo: A pumped up shark on upper left arm
Phobia: "Not doing the very best I can do in whatever I do in Life."
Biggest Personal Fear: Being alone, as in having no family or friends in his life
Happiest Moment: The day he signed his first contract with the WWF
Federations: - OCW (Outlaw Championship Wrestling), CWF (Canadian Wrestling Federation), WWA (World Wrestling Association), ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling), Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), MWCW (Mid-West Championship Wrestling), SSW (Southern States Wrestling), PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling), RWA (Renegade Wrestling Alliance), WWF (World  Wrestling Federation)
Promotors Worked For: Ike Shaw (ICW), Tommy Condello (NWA), Vince McMahon Jr. (WWF)
Former Managers: "Handsome" Johnny Bradford (ICW), The Jackyl (Early days of WWF)
Ring Names: Adam Impact, Sexton Hardcastle
Finishers: The Spear, Downward Spiral, Buzzkill, Edge-O-Matic, Edgecution
Biggest Influences: Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ricky Steambot, Cowboy Bob Orton & Chris Benoit
Stables: Suicide Blondes (With Christian Cage), High Impact (With Christian Cage), Sex & Violence (With Joe E. Legend), The California Connection (With Chi Chi Cruz), Thug Life (With Christian Cage, Joe E. Legend, Zakk Wylde, "Bloody" Bull Skullion, Rhino & The Blue Meanie), Revolution X (With Christian Cage, Andrew Martin, Reckless Youth, Lance Diamond & Judd the Studd), The Brood (With Christian & Gangrel), The Ministry of Darkness (with The Undertaker, Mideon, Viscera, The Acolytes, Christian, Gangrel & Paul Bearer), Team ECK (With Christian & Kurt Angle)
Movie Appearances: Highlander: Endgame
PWI Rankings: 1997-#254 (As Sexton Hardcastle), 1998-#67 (As Adam Copeland), 1999-#83, 2000-#51, 2001-#20
PWI Awards: 2000- 3rd Runner-Up Feud of the Year (Edge & Christian VS. The Hardy Boyz), Match of the Year (Edge & Christian VS. The Hardy Boyz VS. The Dudley Boyz), 1st Runner-Up Tag Team of the Year (With Christian)
Wrestle America Awards: 2001- #4 Funniest, #9 Best Finisher (Buzzkiller), #2 Sexiest Male, Best Smile, Best Hair
Wrestling Debut: 1994
WWF Debut: June 22, 1998 on Raw.  His opponent was Jose Estrada.  During the match Adam went over the top rope to deliver  somersault on Jose, who was on the floor.  Adam's leg connected hard with Jose's neck, causing Jose to suffer a jammed neck, which put him on the injured list.  This shook Adam up,  but he returned to active competition and scored impressive wins over the likes of Quebecer Pierre and Jeff Jarrett
Other Names Considered by WWF: Rage, Riot