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Raw Results- October 6, 2003


Live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.
by John Keane

Chris Jericho leads Jonathan Coachman, Christian and Lance Storm (?) to the ring (no Highlight Reel set or on-screen graphic). Y2J gets on the mic, he agrees with Eric, feels the Rattlers constant goading to become a monster caused Kane to become unhinged. He states hes sent an appeal to WWE HQ (located in the immediate area) asking for Stone Colds removal as Raw co-GM.

He calls on his companions to relate their individual Austin horror stories.

Coach whines about being relegated to backstage interview duties after a brief stint as Raws lead announcer.

Christian bitches about Austin setting up last weeks ladder match and the branding of himself as the Creepy Little Bastard.

Chris calls on Lance next, he reminds us Austin has described the former IC champ as boring. Lance tells Chris hes full of crap, states hes having the best time of his life and voices full support for Austin. Y2J is referred to as a jackass, beatdown of Lance ensues, save (sort of) is made when Stone Cold hits the ring. Chris continues laying in the boots, tries to goad Austin into taking a swing at him (thereby getting himself fired, you know the stipulation, right?). Austin keeps his cool, save is made for real when RVD hits the ring. House is cleaned, Austin complains about not being allowed to apply mudhole stompings to wayward employees, then sets up RVD & Lance vs. Y2J and CLB. Bell is rung, ref is called for, Rattler heads backstage-as we go to break?

Back, Lance Storm & Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian is in progress. Very good no-nonsense match, end saw Rob near tapping out to the Walls of Jericho. RVD crawled toward the ropes, Lance made the hot tag, went up top, missile dropkick to the face of Y2J led to the 1-2-3.