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Rare Tapes


Tape 2- includes CW Anderson & Pat vs. Sexton Hardcastle & Christian Cage
Tape 570- includes Glen Osbourne & Jon Rock vs. Christian Cage & Sexton Harcastle
                                  Glen Osbourne, Jon Rock & Chainz vs. Judd the Studd, Christian Cage & Sexton Hardcastle
Tape 576- includes Christian Cage vs. Rhino Richards
                                  Joe E. Legend vs. Sexton Hardcastle
ICW Valentines Day Violence- Includes Sexton hardcastle vs. Joe E. Legend
                                                                       Rhino Richards vs. Christian Cage
Tape #467- includes Christian Cage vs. Glen Osbourne
                                     Christian Cage vs. Ace Darling
Early Hardy Boyz OMEGA Footage- includes Christian Cage & Shawn Stasiak vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy

Wrestling Gods
Masters of Mayham Wrestling TV from Cleveland OH
(38 minutes)
includes: Jimmy Valiant vs. Sexton Hardcastle