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October 14, 2003


October 14, 2003

Ah, the best time of the year to be a sports fan. All week, sports have dominated my living room (family room for you Americans) TV. Much to my wife's chagrin. The baseball playoffs. Go Red Sox and Cubs! Football season in full swing (although the Raiders and Chargers are limping, the Bucs and Seahawks are doing OK). Hell, even basketball and King James is starting up. But most importantly, the beginning of the hockey season, and a repeat Stanley Cup for my Devils (although I predict this every year). If not the Devils, then hopefully the Leafs pull it off. This could be their last shot to do it for a few years.

We're in the midst of my favorite month of the year, and not because my birthday falls in it. Solely because of Halloween. I love the spooky holiday. I miss the crispness in the air that Canada has at this time of the year. I will, however, be heading to Canada for some live events in Kitchener (Christian's birthplace), Montreal, and Ottawa on Nov. 1, 2 and 3, respectively. It will be nice to experience fall in Canada and get in front of the Edgeheads again. Before anyone gets carried away, no, I won't be wrestling. Soon enough, but not yet. I have, however, been going to Steve Keirn's wrestling school down here in Tampa. He has some nice kids training there who want to learn, and Steve's been letting me help out. I actually threw two hiptosses last week, and it felt great! I'll be doing the beginning stages of my training there when I get my clearance. I'll also be training at my buddy Rob's wrestling school, Squared Circle Training, in Toronto. I can't wait.

Heading to a couple of concerts this week. Fuel on Wednesday in Orlando, and Sevendust and Staind here in Tampa. I'll give my reports next week.

I'd also like to send my best wishes to Stu Hart.

On that note, I take my leave. With a tip of the hat to the late Stampede Wrestling announcer Ed Whalen, "in the meantime, and in between time" you have just been Edgeucated.