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Wrestlemania Boiling Point


WOW tells you who's bubbling over and who's bubbling under leading up to the WWF's most important pay-per-view of the year.

Wrestlemania represents "Ground Zero" on the World Wrestling Federation calendar. Underrated wrestlers become stars. Overrated wrestlers become distant memories. Storylines build to a crescendo, and angles culminate at the big event, this year held on April 1 at Houston's Astrodome. Whether it's a major upset win or a title victory, a WWF wrestler requires a certain amount of "heat" to earn an upper echelon spot in Wrestlemania. Throwaway matches and minor storylines are fodder for the opening moments and serve to build toward the significant bouts. Grapplers struggling with their gimmicks or those involved in stagnant angles may not even make it to the big event. Some members of the WWF roster are hot going into Wrestlemania and will appear in major matches. Others are not and could be left out of the all-important mix. Compelling storylines can enter a new phase or conclude at the show, while weaker angles may be forgotten before the big day arrives. An what is the "temperature" of the WWF as Wrestlemania looms?

Boiling Under

They are so totally not the tag team champions. Losing the title has taken the "awesomeness" from Edge and Christian. Wrestlemania will mark one year since the start of their heel turn. Their stint as a villainous tag team has made for compelling television, but they have battled nearly every WWF babyface tandem. With the teams of The Undertaker-Kane and Rikishi-Haku dominating the tag team ranks, Edge and Christian may be left to battle Right to Censor - a natural feud, but hardly one that will generate great interest.

Credit: WOW April 2001