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Edge & Christian Articles & Interviews


The Greatest Tag Teams Ever

Dreams Come True for Tag Title Participants

Remembering the Forgotten TLC

The Big Question

Edge & Christian Sore But Proud of Ladder Match

Mind Games

Greetings to All My Fans: Kevin Kelly Talks About the Breakup of Edge & Christian

Beginning of a Long Fued for Edge & Christian- NEW

Will Edge & Christian Shine as Singles?

Uncovering Their Awesomeness

The Nerd Group

Under The Ring- Edge & Christian Not Only Fighting Themselves, But History

Press Conference

Edge vs. Christian- One Step Away From Reeking of Awesomeness

Edge, Christian Hope for Success as Singles

Toronto 'Mania Would Be a Dream Come True For Canadian Superstars


The Rating Game

Recap of Edge & Chrisitian LAW Interview - 06/16/01

Edge & Christian Mock Breakup Rumors

Tag Team Turmoil

Byte This- 04/06/01

TLC X-seven?

Edge & Christian Made It Together

Working Without Ladders

The Adventures of Edge & Christian -NEW

3 Wise Men

Wrestlemania Boiling Point

Tables, Ladders and Chairs...Again

Three Friends Reunite in an Historic Night for Each