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Byte This- 04/06/01


Guests: Edge, Christian and Rhyno

Friday, April 6, 2001
Hosts: Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard
Guest: Edge, Christian and Rhyno
Report by: Kevin Gregg of

Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard started off the show, and they had an extra chair next to them, seemingly waiting for a third guest. Kevin Kelly said that Stephanie was going to be joining them, and she has some thoughts about Wrestlemania, and everything that has gone on for the past week with
her father, and Triple H winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Wrestlemania is going to go down in the books as one of the greatest of all time! Tom starts off with Droz, and Droz is under the weather, so he won't be joining us this week. Tomorrow is Droz's birthday, and Tom wishes him a
happy birthday. Tom then goes on to talk about WWF Axxess. Everyone could feel it backstage, in the arena. It was electric. Stone Cold Steve Austin taking on The Rock in Houston, Texas. Who would have thought that Stone Cold would have joined Mr. McMahon? Kevin says that the fans of Houston
didn't want to believe it. After the events on Monday where Triple H became a part of the group and after what Stone Cold did to J.R., there is no doubt as to where Stone Cold's heart is.

Tom says Stone Cold's heart was always in the right place. Don't Trust Anybody. After WWF Smackdown!, if you want to look down the line, for everybody who is asking who is going to challenge this group, look at what you have. The Intercontinental Champion, the World Champion, the owner and a puppet in William Regal. Tom didn't seem to like the fact that Kevin called Regal a puppet. Tom says that he hates when people say that something is the greatest of all time, but he has to believe that this year's Wrestlemania was the greatest of all time. From the top to the bottom. With Stone Cold and The Rock, but going into TLC 2, Chyna and Ivory, Kurt Angle and Benoit, what a night. Of course, the Gimmick Battle Royal, which was won by the Iron Sheik. Tom says that he picked Hayes to
win the match, and he was disappointed that he didn't win. Kevin says that they had to have had a good thrill being in the Gimmick Battle Royal. They got a warm reception. It was great, and the Iron Sheik wasn't going to take a bump if his life depended on it!

Edge, Christian and Rhyno will be this week's gust and Tazz will also join the show. The fans in Oklahoma were stunned when Stone Cold beat down Jim Ross. Tom says that Stone Cold made it clear that he needs the title, and he used Vince McMahon as an insurance policy. What about Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon? This is something that came to be about father vs. son. The
old bull vs. the young bull. The finish with the drop kick to the garbage can that smashed Vince's face in. He defeated his father! Kevin says that it never ceases to amaze him what Shane McMahon will do. This guy is just incredible. Tom says that he worked out with Shane before the match, and he
knows no boundaries. He doesn't know when to stop. He will go and go and go. Linda sent in a video tape for WWF Smackdown!, promising a big surprise for Vince on Monday night. Trish Stratus obviously didn't give Linda her dosage of medicine when she was supposed to, and she turned on Vince! Tazz
was knocked silly and out on his feet at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie joined the show in the studio and she greeted Tom and ignored Kevin. Kevin says that it had to be a rough week. Wrestlemania was tremendous, and for Stephanie, it had to be a tough night. Stephanie says that Wrestlemania is the biggest event in history for the McMahon family.
Vince McMahon created Wrestlemania. And what happened, it was completely ridiculous. Now her mother is un-medicated. Who stopped the medication and gave that order? For Trish Stratus to slap Stephanie's father in the face and then have the nerve to take her on in a whipping match and spank her. Ugh. Triple H was completely screwed at Wrestlemania, but he gave the Undertaker his just due on RAW. Stephanie doesn't live in the past. Look at today. Right now, her husband, Triple H, Stone Cold and Vince McMahon are all aligned. If Stephanie were Kevin, she wouldn't get too uppedy with her interviews, because he'll get slapped around. Kevin says that it's unfair that The Rock won't get his chance at revenge. Stephanie says that The Rock has had many chances, and he got beat at Wrestlemania and on Monday night.

The Rock is beat. Kevin says the only reason that Vince didn't fire him, is because Shane is lurking out there with the competing wrestling company. Business is business, and Stephanie's father is a smart man. He's not going to allow The Rock to come back and get revenge, and he's not going to allow
The Rock work for the other guys. Stephanie got up and slapped Kevin Kelly as he drilled her with questions like that. Stephanie says that she hopes everyone is watching at what a wuss that Kevin Kelly is. He cowered down! Was that not a total puss reaction? That was better than the slap! Tom says that he has felt Stephanie's slaps and kicks, and Stephanie says she has never slapped Tom. Tom asks Stephanie what was going through her mind when Trish Stratus came down to ringside with Linda. Came up over Vince, as if she was going to help him and then slapped him? Stephanie says she has never liked Trish. Trish has always tried to get involved with the McMahon Family business. She doesn't know if Trish wants to be a part of the McMahon Family or what, but she has to understand that there's only one dominant female.

For Trish to slap Vince, everything that Vince has done for her, she's going to get what's coming to her. Kevin asks Stephanie for thoughts on what Linda said. Stephanie said that Linda said she's going to have a surprise on RAW is WAR on Monday night. Kevin asks her what this is going to mean. Stephanie says that if you listened to what Linda had to say, mommy dearest, she's still using the name McMahon and she's debating on making a change. Read into that what you will, and she's back in power as the CEO and making Stephanie's life hell. Stephanie is just too busy right now and she has way too much work to do. Stephanie got up, ready to leave and Tom says that he was upset with what Trish did and the way things came about at Wrestlemania. You could hear Kevin talking in the background and Stephanie yelled at him, thinking that he left. Tom says that some people
say that this is an unholy trinity, and Stephanie seemed to like that. When asked about making up with her mom, Stephanie said that her mom has never treated her right. This goes back very deep.

Stephanie has to leave and Tom thanks Stephanie for joining the show. Stephanie thanks Tom for getting rid of Kevin Kelly. Tom says he's a coward and Stephanie says no wonder he's a hermaphrodite! Big Country started talking, and he says that Kevin won't come back until Stephanie is gone. Stephanie left, and Tom was left alone. Kevin Kelly started to come back and Stephanie chased after him, slapping him and someone knocked the sound out of WWF Byte This!. Big Country came on the set, and it looked like he was fixing things. Tom then welcomed everyone back to Byte This!, and it looks like he will be hosting alone. Edge, Christian and Rhyno will be on the show later. Kevin Kelly finally rejoined the show and Tom says that there's some animosity there. Kevin jokes and says that Stephanie wants him in the worst way. Good God, she's a married man, I mean woman. I'm a
married man, and she should keep her hands off. Again, back to Wrestlemania. TLC 2. Kevin says that he stood up to Stephanie, and she isn't so bad! Not only does she want him, but he's faster than her.

There's a phone call from Commissioner Foley! Oops, former Commissioner. Mick told Kevin that he heard that when Stephanie tried to slap Kevin, Kevin ran like a woman. Some guys are probably going to give him grief for that. Mick has been slapped by Stephanie, and if it wasn't for the fact
that millions of people were watching, he would be running like a woman, too. Tom says that her forearms are worse than her slaps. Mick thought he was special at one point. He thought that he was the first man that she slapped, but it turns out that she slapped Joey Abs and Test at one point.
Mick says that this was his favorite Wrestlemania. That's the truth, and the reason being is because he had all the benefits of being a part of Wrestlemania. Not just that, but a big match. Without pressure of him having to come through. People said that he did a great job, and it wasn't all that hard. Not only that, but he got to ride a roller coaster with Al Snow the day before Wrestlemania. Mick thought that he saw a great show, and the people that he talked to thought it was something special.

As a man, when Linda sliced through the grapefruits, did Mick recoil at all? Mick felt for Stephanie, because she had to look at her father look at his testicles. No daughter should have to do that. Mick did think that Linda was sending out a message, and then he tells a story about his son
getting grapefruits from the fridge. Mick told his son to get two things that look like Vince's testicles, and his son said that he didn't know what Vince's testicles looked like! Edge joined the show, and we'll be talking to Christian and Rhyno later on. Edge's reaction to being 7 time tag team
champions? Edge says that he was happy just winning them once, but 6 more times is great. Mick told Edge that if he wins it one more time, he'll be as good as Mick in tag team titles. Mick talks about his book, and the book is called "Foley is Good," but the book unfortunately isn't good. The book
will be available on May 8th. There's a couple of pictures of he and Edge on coasters together. He has gotten feedback from his publicist who likes it better than the first book. It had stuff about wrestling, and stuff about life. This is a good and fun book, even if you aren't a wrestling fan.

It's easy to skim out the parts that you don't like. In the book, Mick explains that Al enjoys his role in the book. Edge believes he does, and the person who doesn't enjoy his role in the book is going to be Test. Mick comes clean about Test. He read his book over, and his first feeling was "What did Test ever do to me?" He wants to point out that he wouldn't make fun of the guy if he didn't like him. Everyone has their little role in the locker room. The difference between Al Snow and Test is: If Mick was a pitcher, if the insult was a fast ball. There's always a chance if you throw one at Al, he may fire back, but Test has no ammunition. Test thinks that he's slick when he's not around a couple of the boys, so what he's doing is a good thing. He's keeping him in check! Christian is on the show
as well, and Kevin tells him to talk about Wrestlemania. Christian says that it was unbelievable and to be able to go out there in front of 68,000 people, it was great. When the show started off, he looked through the curtain to watch the fireworks go off. He had this feeling that he never had before. He was really nervous.

Kevin says that Edge was there live and in person at Wrestlemania 6. Edge was greatly inspired by the event that night. Could there be some young people inspired by the TLC match? Edge says that he's sure that there's a lot of people who want to do a match like this. This was the first match
that he has been nervous for in a long time, and a lot of that had to do with the amount of fans they were in front of. It sunk in when he stood on the stage, because he knew that when he got in the match, he'd be into it. Did it surpass TLC 1? Edge says that if it doesn't surpass it, they wanted
it to be at least close to the other one. Edge almost enjoyed it as much as TLC 1, if not, maybe even more. There was so many elements involved with Lita, Spike and Rhyno. There may not have been as many bumps, but the story telling in the match was great. When Christian took that bump to the
outside of the ring, he came out of it pretty good. No broken bones or anything like that, luckily. Rhyno joins the show, and Kevin welcomes him to Byte This and the WWF. Rhyno thanked Kevin.

How did it feel to be a part of the TLC match? Rhyno said it felt great and it was just amazing. The only beef he had was the run to the ring. It was a great match and a great show from top to bottom. Kevin asks what the relationship with Rhyno is. They aren't stranger, and they have been
friends before. Christian says that they all started to work in Independent promotions when they broke into the business. Toronto was a 4 hour drive to Detroit. They'd do shows in Michigan twice a month and Rhyno would come over to Canada and do shows. They kind of hit it off from there. They have
been friends for 5 or 6 years. Edge says it's a natural extension. They were asked about being put with Rhyno, and it was great, because they're friends, and it will add more to the Edge and Christian personas. It works for all of them. Being the last ECW Champion, and then coming to the WWF,
how does that compare? Rhyno says it's a whole new ball game. The WWF is on a higher level. ECW was great, and it's unfortunate that a lot of guys that are coming up like Rhyno did two years ago don't have the opportunity to learn and work with Paul Heyman. It's a whole new ball game, and the crew is just 10 times more than what was in ECW.

Kevin Kelly asks Edge and Christian for some dirt on Rhyno. Edge says that they did so many trips in crazy places. Wrestling on Indian reservations. Everyone's heard the horror stories about going across lakes. Everyone has done something where they had to pay their dues. They went through some
times where you didn't know if they would come out alive. They didn't know if they would make it across a lake. It was 4 in the morning and 50 Celsius. You almost become friends for life at that point. Rhyno remembers when a truck broke down in the middle of no where. As Rhyno told the story,
Stephanie showed up and interrupted by slapping around Kevin Kelly. Tom says he was listening to the story and you could see Stephanie and Kevin on the screen. Kevin Kelly is down and out! The clown is down! Kevin yelled at Tom for not protecting him, and Tom says that he was listening to their
story about friends for life in the winter roads. Kevin can't even hear out of his ear, and Tom says that he can't hear out of his ear anyway. The next challengers for the Championships are who?

Christian says he doesn't know. They have been through the Hardys and the Dudleys and pretty much everybody. If you go through the list, he doesn't know if the fans are tired of the Edge/Christian vs. Dudleys vs. Hardys thing, but you have to make things fresh. There's X-Factor out now, and
there's a lot of teams that can be put together. There's a lot of new guys like Jerry Lynn. There's a lot of interesting things that you can do. Kevin asks them if they have ever been slapped by Stephanie before. Edge, Christian and Rhyno haven't, and Kevin says to avoid it, if you can. After seeing TLC 1 and 2, it's got to make them feel good. Not only did they earn their place at TLC 1, but TLC 2 has to have a place for Edge, Christian and Rhyno as well as the Hardys and the Dudleys. Do they see some type of chemistry there, between all these teams that we won't see again? Edge says definitely. Edge and Christian wouldn't be were they are without the Hardys and the Dudleys and vice versa. There's other teams, but with these three teams, there's a special chemistry.

They talk about Stone Cold's heel persona, and Christian likes it. He enjoyed watching Austin when he was feuding with Bret Hart. That's when he was at his best, and that's the persona he likes watching him. Edge says that if you think about it, what brought Steve to the point at where he was as a babyface, because he was such an awesome heel. To go back to that now, change is a good thing. You don't want people to expect the same thing over and over again. Did it shock them at all that Stone Cold aligned himself with Vince McMahon? Edge says he guesses so, but if you want to turn Steve heel, what's the best way to do it? Otherwise, the people are still going to love him. Kevin Kelly asks about having Rhyno with them, because without him, they were still cool and got a positive reaction. Was that the mind set with putting him with them? Christian says that he still thinks that
Rhyno is cool, because he's killing people. If they do it properly when he spears Molly and Lita, he'll be hated. What does Rhyno think? Rhyno thinks that he's definitely cool.

There's only so long you can do one thing. Eventually, Edge and Christian will need to go babyface. If you end up being a fairly good heel, you'll end up as a babyface, because the fans are going to start liking you. They go to a caller, and the caller asks how they prepare mentally and physically for a TLC match. Edge starts to talk, but there's some technical problems. Rhyno is still there, but it looks like they lost Edge and Christian. Kevin then starts to talk to Rhyno. Kevin asks Rhyno who he looked up to when he was in ECW. Someone he would love to work with. Rhyno says that the list is long. He has always liked Stone Cold Steve Austin, especially when he started doing the whole Austin 3:16. Like Jay said, when he was working with Bret Hart, they had some great matches. The Rock. The list can go on and on. There are great workers from top to bottom. Rhyno just looks forward to having matches and doing what he knows how to do. Like he said, there's Hunter, and he can go on and on. Just about everybody.

He wouldn't mind working with Jay (Christian) or Adam (Edge), because he has worked with them in the past. They had some great matches. In a way, Rhyno feels selfish by saying that he's glad that Paul is in the WWF, but ECW is gone now. Before Rhyno went to ECW, he couldn't even do a promo and sometimes he still can't. He learned so much and in the ring, too. Rhyno feels that Paul is great where ever he goes. He has a great mind for wrestling. He has really developed the Rhyno character, in and out of the ring. Kevin says that Edge is back on, and Rhyno is taking time to put himself over. Rhyno looks a lot different from when he was in ECW. He dropped a lot of weight. How much did he drop and how did he do it? Rhyno says that he dropped about 30 pounds. He changed up a few things and he has always trained hard in the gym. A lot more cardio and he changed up his diet. Rhyno thinks that it has a lot to do with the fact that he feels better in and out of the ring. It will work to his advantage.

Tom asks them if they were disappointed that Hayes didn't win the Battle Royal. Edge says that he wanted Michael P.S. Haynes (Yes, they called him Haynes) or Kamala. Christian rejoins the show, and Christian says that he was disappointed that Akeem wasn't in the battle royal. Kevin says that the
One Man Gang was disappointed as well. He was in line to be the first African American WWF Champion! Tom asks them if they got a chance to watch any of the other matches at Wrestlemania. Edge says that he got showered in time to watch Austin and The Rock. Christian says that before their match came, he was so focused on what they were doing. He went off and got focused on what he had to do. After their match, they showed and watched the rest of the show. Triple H and the Undertaker. Awesome. The next day, he watched the rest of the show, and he thought it was an awesome show. The Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle match was awesome, too. In the beginning, it was amateur wrestling, and the it turned into a brawl. There were so many different types of matches and it was awesome from top to bottom.

Christian says that all the talent in the locker room worked so hard to put on great matches. Every match was good and entertaining. For the crowd to be into it the whole show, it's a great feeling to be a part of that. Every day that they get to step foot into a WWF ring, they are living their dream
more, and the WWF is proud of them. Tom asks Edge and Christian if they ever heard Kaientai do their theme song. Edge and Christian laugh and they do a parody of them. Kevin thanks Edge, Christian and Rhyno for joining them on WWF Byte This!. Kevin says that Rhyno is going to be a force in the
World Wrestling Federation. Tom says that he was proud of every match on the card at Wrestlemania, and then Kevin asks Tom if he's proud of the way that he stood up to Stephanie. Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard wrap up the show, and that's it for this week on WWF Byte This!. Tazz will be back next
week with the Tales from the Hook. He'll be miserable and talking about people. Tom says that Kevin is so hot at Tazz and Kevin does a Tazz impression. Hopefully Droz will be feeling better next week. Of course, Byte This! is brought to you buy Lugz!

*Credit Rajah*