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Recap of Edge & Chrisitian LAW Interview - 06/16/01


How do they feel about the prospects of breaking away from one another and working singles as a pose to in a tag team?


- It would be a challenge, since for the past two and a half years, they've been working together as a tag team.

- Himself and Christian just sort of struck on a formula that has worked.

- He doesn't feel that they've done all that they can as a tag team just yet, and would like to go for an 8th run with the tag straps with Christian.

- He says that they've teased the break-up before, and then haven't gone through with it, so it just keeps people interested and always on their toes.


- It's something different, and a challenge, and he likes to thrive on challenges such as this one, to see if himself and Edge have it in them to break away from one another to do well in singles. He thinks that they have it within them to do just that.

- He's really looking forward to the King of the Ring to see what happens as far as themselves is concerned.

Are they concerned at all about possibly breaking away from one another?


- Not really,...if it were to happen, he feels that they can both stand on their own, ability and character wise.

- Maybe a year and a half ago, they couldn't have said that.

- Story-line wise, he feels that the company would be behind them breaking away from each other, knowing that when you see either one of them out there on their own that you're gonna get a good match from them.

How are they holding up physically, following their on-going series of TLC matches? Any injuries of note?


- Going into matches like the TLC matches, there's always a risk of serious injury, but he doesn't try to think about it at all, as he doesn't want to psyche himself out before the match.

- Regardless of what type of match they're in, every time you step into the ring, there's always a chance of injuries occurring.

- He says that that's just a part of the game and a part of any sport that one participates in.

- Right now, his body's feeling pretty good for the most part, a side from a stiff neck, a few scrapes, and generally feeling a little bit banged up.


- He wonders if maybe he doesn't deal with pain as well as Christian, and currently has a sore neck, elbow, and back.

- He finds it funny that in the TLC match, there's such a big risk of getting injured, but thankfully, nobody has ever gotten seriously injured.

- He says how he finds that amazing, since when you go through a table, there's screws all over the mat, and you end up falling on those screws.

- It's the little things: he took a clothesline from the Undertaker, and two discs in the bottom of his back popped out.

- You can never say when an injury is gonna happen or how it's gonna happen.

Do they ever get tired of working with the same teams like the Dudley's and the Hardy's?


- The good thing about working with them constantly is that they've always been able to keep it fresh and exciting.

- He feels that all three teams are very creative, and that they're always putting on something different out there to entertain.

- He says that they all gel well together and bring the best out of one another.

Would they be at all interested in working for the new WCW if the idea of them going there was suggested to them by the creative team?


- He wouldn't see it as a bad thing, as WCW will definitely need some WWF talent involved with their product in order to establish it as a strong force.

- If himself and Christian are considered established enough to go over there and help make WCW a strong force, than he would take that as a compliment.

- It would be cool to look back and say that they held the WWF tag titles and the WCW tag titles.

- Whatever opportunities are to a rise, he would look at it as a challenge and an opportunity, and make the most of it.


- He feels that they key to this business is to reinvent yourself and to stay fresh, and if they were to go to WCW to help establish their product, he would also take that as a compliment.

- He doesn't know if that's going to be the case though for himself and Edge or for anybody else on the roster, but he certainly wouldn't look at it as a bad thing.