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Interview with Joltin Joe- 07/16/01


Date Aired: July 11, 2001
Interviewer: Joltin' Joe

TORONTO -- This past week, Christian did a one-on-one interview on Joltin' Joe's Wrestling Hotline. The King of the Ring semi-finalist talked about the Edge/Christian breakup, the WCW invasion, and more. Here's what Christian had to say:

Christian said that although singles' competition has been challenging, its nice to have a change.

He said he was happy to accomplish so many titles as a tag team with Edge.

Christian expressed that he believes that the WWF/WCW purchase is good for the business and industry, from a storylines aspect.

When asked who he would like to face WCW, Christian said he wouldn't mind facing Kidman, because it would be "nice to kick his a**."

Christian said that although he loves Canada, he moved to Florida, so he doesn't have to deal with the cold, bitter, Canadian winters.

The seven time tag team champion emphasized that he is still a major hockey fan.

He went on to say that he thinks Vince Carter will re-sign with the Toronto Raptors.

As far as hockey goes, Christian said that the Leafs needed to get bigger up front. He said a solution for this was perhaps the Leafs putting Edge and Christian on the roster.

Getting back to wrestling, Christian told Joltin' Joe that he plans for TLC matches by trying not to think about them. He said that it helps greatly if you try to relax before the match. Lastly, Christian said that TLC has helped open a lot of doors for all three teams (Edge and Christian, Hardyz, Dudleyz).

* Credit Top-Rope *