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Edge vs. Christian- One Step Away From Reeking of Awesomeness


Edge vs. Christian - One Step Away From Wreaking of Awesomeness Guest Editorial
By James Greene of Lebanon, N.J. reader


Edge and Christian have been one of the most entertaining acts on WWF television for the better part of two years.

Not only have they added a slew of new sayings to the vocabularies of every wrestling fan, they also provided lyrics to the entrance music of some of the WWF's biggest stars. Singing "Angle" along with the trumpets in our Olympic Hero's theme music was classic, but don't forget the pure poetry they added to Chris Benoit's music: "Chris Benoit is here and he's really mad - Chris Benoit is here and he's really an-GRY!" This was fantastic stuff.

If I could be serious for a minute, all off-beat shenanigans aside, it is time for Edge and Christian to take a more serious role in the WWF.

On paper, their upcoming feud should be tremendous. Already Christian's turn on Raw has garnered comparisons to Owen Hart's legendary turn on Bret Hart at the 1994 Royal Rumble. The results were two extraordinary matches later that year, one a five star effort to open WrestleMania X and the second being a great cage match at Summerslam.

It is a lofty comparison indeed, because neither Edge nor Christian have achieved the level in the fans' eyes that the Hitman had reached by 1994. Bret had already been a former World Champion, and without Hulk Hogan around anymore, he was the company's top babyface. Owen had been hyped up all along as Bret's younger brother, and logically the storylines started to play out an emerging jealousy within the younger sibling.

Finally Owen snapped at the Royal Rumble, and cut a promo that stands as the blueprint for any "What About Me" promo Raven has done in his career. As the animosity between the brothers Hart intensified, so did the threat Owen posed towards the World Title, thanks to his victory over the Hitman at WrestleMania X.

Most everybody seems to think that Edge vs. Christian will be a tremendous feud,. It's difficult to disagree with that assertion. But now with the chips down and one of the most popular tag teams in recent memory finally having split, the WWF must make this feud serious.

Arguably, most WWF fans do not view Christian as a serious singles threat. He needs to be elevated if his match against Edge at Judgment Day is to have any meaning. The writers could have given Christian credibility with a strong showing against the Rock on Raw, but instead it was a typical Rock match.

With only a few weeks remaining, the WWF must make Christian a legitimate threat to the Intercontinental Title. The first step has already been taken. The match is signed. Now it's time to toss in the heat. Book Christian to go over wrestlers such as Lance Storm and Hugh Morrus, whom are wrestlers that Edge has beaten one way or another recently. Then step it up a notch. Give Christian something Edge doesn't have - a clean non-title win over U.S. Champion Kanyon.

I don't claim to be a writer or a booker, and I don't claim to know more than anybody else when it comes to booking. But if the WWF wants me, a fan, believe that Christian is a legitimate singles threat, then the WWF needs to make me believe it. Giving him some key wins is one important step toward making me believe.

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