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Conference Call


 by Buck Woodward (1Wrestling)

WWF Intercontinental Champion Christian took part in a conference call with the media today to discuss No Mercy, his feud with Edge, and other topics.

Before beginning the call, we were informed that Mick Foley's book, "Halloween Hijinx" is number 8 on the children's bestseller list.

Here are highlights from the call:

Doesn't want to compare his turn on Edge to Shawn Michaels turn on Marty Janetty or to Owen Hart's turn on Bret Hart. He feels their spilt is different, and that it is hard to compare the different angles. He feels both he and Edge have qualities that will get them over in singles once their feud is over.

It's been an adjustment moving to singles, but is happy with the turn. Says after three years of tagging it is a fun challenge to wrestle singles again.

Feels his ring entrance is different, and it is hard to be different today and set yourself apart for the rest.

Said he didn't know what to expect in the first ladder match, but now that he knows, he doesn't think about it too much. He tries not to psych himself out for ladder matches by thinking about it too much in advance.

Doesn't think it was too soon for him to join the Alliance. Since there are not a lot of established wrestlers in the Alliance, he will bring something different to it, since fans are familiar with him.

Is always on the lookout for cool things for his outfits, like the hats and glasses.

When asked about the risks involved in a ladder match, he said there is always the risk of permanent injury. The falls are scary, and you have to be aware of where you are, as well as where the ladders and opponents are.

Thought the heel turn worked out great, being done in Toronto, and was emotional. Is at a loss for words to describe what it was like, doing the turn in front of their hometown crowd.

Going from something that you know works, like his former role, to something new is risky. Is easing into his new role, and didn't want to risk getting stale by continuing to do the same thing.

Looking forward to getting in the ring with Benoit, Jericho, Rock, and others as a singles.

Likes working in "big man vs. small man" matches, but really enjoys a variety of different performers, since it keeps things fresh.

Feels Paul Heyman is very creative, and was helpful to him after the turn. Is very "hands on" to anyone that needs help.

It was a German suplex that caused Edge's eye injury, as Christian's weight landed on his face. A chair landing on his face is what caused him to get busted open in that same initial Edge-Christian match.

Always tries to equal the last ladder match he was in, and if they top it, all the better. His goal for Sunday is to have a match on par with the other ladder matches. There is a different element with there being only two of them in this bout.

On the loss of WCW television as competition, he feels there wasn't much competition in the recent years, so he never thought of that aspect. Feels that incorporating WCW into the WWF has added new elements to the show.

Doesn't force himself to think "heel" in the ring, he just goes with what he thinks works. Said the E&C characters were just their own personalities, just raised higher and done louder.

Before they won their first tag titles, they were almost split apart. Glad it didn't happen then, since he feels no one would have cared at that point. By staying together, they got personalities and became new characters. They held off on the turn, which allowed them to get comfortable and learn to play off each other. Made the turn much more important.

On the subject of there being too much talent in the WWF, he felt it was better to have too much than not enough. Feels he is fortunate to have his spot in the company, while others work for TV time.

Hasn't been asked to take a pay cut.

When not wrestling he goes to gym, and enjoys movies, hockey, and hanging out at home.

Would like to do movies or TV if it came about. Has done commercials and enjoyed them.

Thinks the "Mom" angle has gotten him over as a heel and a real jerk to the fans.

Feels there are still plenty of good tag teams, and that the art of tag team wrestling isn't lost yet.

Life on the road after being married isn't different for him, since he has been with his wife since before he started in the WWF.

Doesn't worry about whether ladder matches will shorten his career. Tries not to think about it.

A representative asked if No Mercy would do for his career what the last ladder match at No Mercy between E&C and the Hardys did for him. He didn't know if it would, but he hoped so.

Enjoyed working with Hardy Boyz & Lita, and loved the backstage busts they did on them in vignettes on TV.

Feels the hardest part of training is diet, and getting regular meals and enough calories. Does cardio every day.

Thinks a push of the cruiserweight division would be great, but feels he is at the size where he can stay heavyweight, and wants to stay where he is. Doesn't want to be labeled as just a cruiserweight. He's 6'1" and 225 pounds, so he is on the border. Would not turn down working in the division, but likes where he is.

Christian feels Rob Van Dam has great charisma, and is a laid back guy backstage.

Doesn't worry about other people's spots in the company, and just concentrates on his own stuff. asked if they feuded when they were in Stampede wrestling. Christian told him they were never in Stampede wrestling. (Note: How does an employee of WWF make a mistake like that?)

 *credit 1Wrestling*