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Edge & Christian Sore But Proud of Ladder Match


by Phil Speer

ST. LOUIS -- Edge and Christian have been involved in some unforgettable matches with ladders, but those matches have had four or more participants. Could they put on an entertaining Ladder match one-on-one? The answer, on Sunday at least, was yes.

"I enjoyed it," said Edge, who won the match to secure his third reign as Intercontinental Champion. "We had to strip it down. People are used to seeing TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) matches, where there are six guys."

But Edge said they pulled it off. Christian agreed, and added that he was nervous before the match because he was worried about overly high expectations.

"We needed to keep in our own minds -- and the fans had to keep in their minds -- that there were two men instead of four or six," Christian said.

Christian wasn't nervous after the match, but he was a banged up. He twisted his ankle when Edge hurled him into the barricade outside the ring. The index finger on his right hand was badly hurt, and he was cut between his eyebrows when Edge clobbered him with a one-man con-chair-to. Christian was also momentarily knocked out as a result of the con-chair-to.

Edge, too, blacked out for a few moments after Christian gave him a "Slop Drop" off the ladder. But neither man believes he has a concussion.

"We were both kind of dizzy when we came back (after the match)," Edge said. "But that's to be expected when you fall off ladders."

Edge said he was sore - especially in his back, which has been giving him problems ever since the Table match at February's No Way Out.

But Edge said his soreness was "the good kind."

"It was a great feeling standing on those two ladders with a belt over my head," Edge said. "It's the third time now and it feels damn good."

As a tag team, Edge & Christian won matches involving ladders, but they usually did so by cheating and had to scurry back to the locker room right after the matches.

"This time I got to savor and soak in the moment," Edge said.

But Christian will undoubtedly get a rematch. Neither man wants to see the feud come to an end.

"I hope not," Christian said. "We gave (fans) a small taste. We've got a lot more up our sleeve."

*Credit WWF*