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Some questions Adam answered:
What questions are you sick of being asked?
"Do you know The Rock?  Do you know Hollywood Hulk  Hogan?  I just say "yes I do."  I've even showered with Hogan.  It was a communal shower.  It wasn't a single stall or anything but we ended up in the shower at the same time.  So I guess I can say I know The Hulkster!"
Adam's memories of the night he and Christian won the WWF Tag Team Championships for the first time.
" It was at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California.  When I left the building, I was with Lita and Matt Hardy.  We made a wrong turn and a cop flagged us down---I almost hit him!  He started going crazy on me!  He said "Give me your passport!"  I'm thinking "What do you need my passport for?"  He took all my information.  I tried to tell him we should get out of that area before the arena emptied to avoid being mobbed but he didn't care.  We ended up being mobbed by 400 fans and I got charged with disturbing the peace!  I had to go to court later on!!
Edge's Superstitions:
- He always wears the same socks.  He brings one pair for the whole loop.  He just washes and dries them between shows.  They're a big thick pair of work socks. 
- He has an elbow pad with a torn velcro that he always wears on his right arm
- He always wears a necklace or choker
The best concert he's ever been to:
A Paul McCartney concert at the Ice Palace in Tampa.  He went with Chris Jericho and they sang along with all the songs for 3 hours!