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On Canada AM


Recap by Devin Cutting from

Christian & William Regal were guests on the March 15th edition of Canada
AM. Below is a recap of their interview.

Christian said that he cannot explain why there are so many great Canadian wrestlers & joked about there being something in the Canadian water that makes them good. He then mentioned that he has been in the WWF since 1998 & that he is hoping that being in his hometown will give him an advantage over
his WrestleMania 18 opponent.

Regal predicted that he would win at WrestleMania 18 & accused the Canada AM host of asking him a silly question. He also said that defending a title means more to him than winning a title because the challengers must go all out & are not always thinking at their best and the champions must be
cunning, successful & defend their titles with pride, which he believes that he is the best at doing.

When asked to compare American wrestling to British wrestling, Regal stated that wrestling is the same in every part of the world, but is on a bigger scale in America, and that the WWF is the best wrestling company to work for because no other company can be compared to it.

Christian plugged the WWF's Get R.E.A.L. program. He then said that the WWF having a violent product & helping kids through the Get R.E.A.L. program is not a contradiction because the WWF is a form of entertainment, like movies, and that it is up to the parents to make their children realize that what
they see on the WWF's TV shows is just entertainment.

Regal talked briefly about how wrestling changed into sports entertainment & said that wrestling is done at a much faster pace now than it was in the mid-1980's. He also said that the fans in the mid 1980's would not have liked sports entertainment, that wrestlers are now better, faster, more intense & more athletic and that the wrestling business is always changing.