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Christian on Bubba the Love Sponge


98 Rock, Tampa FL
5/16/03, 8am-8:30am
Submitted by Y2Jenn to

Christian and Bubba first talked about his angle with Goldberg and his match last Monday on RAW. They made several jokes about how Christian was winning the match until Goldberg made him bleed and then he held onto his tights.

Spice Boy (a radio show talent) brings up a story Jericho told him about a time he rode home with Christian from a RAW one night. Jericho lives down the end of the same street Christian lives on. So they were riding home in a taxi cab together and they decided to have the cab stop between the two houses and then they could each walk the rest of the way to their own house. While Jericho is on the phone with his wife Jessica, Christian tells the cab driver to stop in front of a specific house number, his own! So the cabby stops in front of Christian's house and so Jericho has to walk all the way down the street with three suitcases at 3am by himself! Bubba makes the comment that he can't believe Christian, the mid-carder, made the main event Jericho walk, and Christian says he deserves to walk and laughs.

Bubba asks about Edge, and Christian says he is doing well, and in fact he sees Edge now more then he did when they were on the road.

Spice Boy again interjects and says Test told him a story about Test & Christian playing Madden Football (the video game) together. Test says Christian's "old lady" always calls when their in the middle of the game. Bubba calls Christian's wife "the German Booker". And whenever Test starts to lose, Christian says he turns off the game and storms out of the room.

They ask Christian what team he is when he plays, and Bubba accuses him of using some "pansy ass Canadian team" to which Christian says no, he's the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Bubba asks about the PPV this Sunday and Christian says he's in the IC battle royal, and names the other participants.

They then talk about how no one can possibly figure out who Mr. America is and how Hogan told Bubba that Mr. America seems to have an angle coming up to become romantically involved with Stephanie. (Hogan is Bubba's real life best friend, so take that statement for what it's worth)

Bubba asks Christian if he'd rather be on RAW or SmackDown and Christian says he likes RAW because he likes going live every week.

On perhaps winning the IC title at Judgment Day "I hope so"

They comment that Christian did a hell of a job putting Goldberg over and what a tremendous worker Christian is. Then they say the reason why Christian was able to job to Goldberg so well was because Christian is so whipped and is used to "getting booked by the German (his wife)" They then say he carried Edge for years.

They then say Christian's new action figure is packaged with Test's and wouldn't it be cool if they were playing Madden.

They then rib Christian about how his "old lady runs the show" and remark about how hot she is, and that Christian is insignifigant compared to her. Christian says she uses "Jedi mind tricks"

They go on to say, and Christian agrees, that Karen Angle is the hottest wife in wrestling... followed by Jessica Irvine (Jericho's wife), then Alanah Copeland (Edge's wife).

They then talk about how it would be funny if they got the following local wrestling wives together for a "Wives of Jabroni Workers in Tampa Wrestling Federation": the "German Booker", Jericho's wife, Edge's, Kidman's (Torrie), Hogan's, Big Show's (girlfriend), and Test's (Stacy).

With that, Bubba thanked Christian for calling and Christian said to call him anytime and wake him up.