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Interview With Joltin' Joe


Date Conducted: June 16, 2001
Aired: June 27, 2001

Edge had a chance to sit down one-on-one with Joltin' Joe from Toronto Starphone in an exclusive interview. In the interview, Edge discusses the Edge/Christian break-up, the Hardy Boys, Canada, and more. Pleasenote this interview was taken before he became King of the Ring. Here's what King Edge had to say:

Edge says that as far as an Edge/Christian split up,it's all up in the air. He tells Joltin' Joe that we'll see in the future, but King of the Ring is making things very dynamic between both he and Christian. However, Edge goes on to say that he wouldn't mind staying in the tag team division either because he doesn't want anybody to ever break their record for the most ever WWF Tag Team title reigns (7). He says that the reason why they have been such successful tag team is because Christian works better than Edge as a heel, and Edge works better than Christian as a babyface. That leads to them working very efficiently in both roles.

Edge emphasizes that there is never one person that carries a tag team in the WWF. He says that although some people believe Jeff Hardy carries the load in the
Hardy Boyz, its not true. Edge expresses that the psychology comes from Matt in the ring, and its really a 50/50 effort from both guys.

As far as Chris Benoit's recent push goes, Edge tells Joltin' Joe that he has always been a hugr fan of The Crippler's, ever since he wrestled in Stampede Wrestling. He goes on to say that he has always wanted to work with Benoit, and he was very happy to work with him a couple weeks ago. Edge emphasizes that Benoit's promos have come a long way since he first arrived in the WWF, since he was finally given a
chance to cut them. He says that you can't expect a guy to deliver amazing promos, if they are never given the chance. Also, Edge says that the push for Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit was needed for the company because the WWF had very few babyfaces with the absence of The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin turning heel.

When Edge was asked why he left Canada for Florida, he says that he just didn't like the taxes or winters in Canada. However, Edge says that he still watches lots of hockey, as he has season tickets for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Edge tells Joltin' Joe that Paul Heyman has brought a lot to the WWF. Also, Edge says that if it wasn't for Paul, there would not have been a Spike Dudley, who has been a plus to the WWF.

Edge agrees to play word association with Joltin Joe, and comments on the following tag teams:

Hardy Boyz: Innovative, risk taking.

Dudley Boyz: Hard hitting. Edge goes on to say he can't say anything bad about either the Hardyz or Dudleyz since each team has so much respect for each other. He wants people to always remember their special history, like Ali and Fraiser.

Hollys: Edge says they are finally starting to look like a team, especially with the new colours, etc.

 Credit: Rajah