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 * WWE House Show Results (11/9/03) - Burlington, Vermont
Survivor Series-style match (elimination). Chris Jericho/Christian/Mark Henry w/ Theodore Long/Scott Steiner vs. Dudley Boyz/Booker T./Rob Van Dam
Teddy Long and Chris Jericho do some of the funniest work on the mic that I've heard in a while. Everyone got decent responses, but, surprisingly enough, it was Bubba Ray Dudley who got the crowd started again, encouraging crowd response, even mooning the other team. (Steiner had 69 on both sides of his perverted!) Mark Henry was first eliminated, via a 3D followed by a 5 star frog splash (ref tried to force Teddy Long to leave ringside, but he wouldn't go). Steiner went on a rampage afterward, first eliminating RVD, then D'Von. Bubba took care of Steiner with a Bubba bomb. Bubba was eliminated by Christian (couldn't get a CLB chant started, because nobody there knew what CLB meant! Ignorant...) via the Unprettier. Attempting to hit Booker with a chair, Jericho got himself disqualified. Booker finished off Christian with the Scissors Kick. Winner and Sole Survivor: Booker T.

 * WWE House Show Results (11/8/03) - Springfield, Massachusetts
Eight Man Elimination Match- Mark Henry(w/ Theodore R. Long)/Scott Steiner/Christian/Chris Jericho vs. Booker T./RVD/Dudley Boyz
Long and Jericho do the funniest mic work since Robin Williams stopped touring. Henry's the first one to go, via 3-D followed by Five Star Frog Splash. Steiner goes on a rampage, eliminating RVD, then D-Von. Bubba eliminates Steiner with the Bubba bomb (which Steiner took horribly). The CLB eliminated Bubba with the Unprettier. YES! They used the Unprettier! The coolest move in wrestling. Jericho nailed Booker T. with a chair, which the ref missed, but DQ'd him anyway, and Booker put Christian away shortly thereafter with the Scissors Kick. SOLE SURVIVOR: BOOKER T.

 * WWE House Show Results (11/7/03) - Toronto, Ontario
Dudley Boyz & Rob Van Dam vs. Christian, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry.
Before the match starts, Fink says that Stone Cold ordered this to be a Tables Match. Jericho says on the mic that if the fans think he will go through a table, we are (the fans) all crazy enough to think the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (major heat). Match starts off slow but ends up being really exciting. Bubba and Mark Henry have a funny little segment where Bubba put up his hand and when Henry went to grab it, Bubba would raise the other hand, and went Henry went to grab it, Bubba would lift his other hand. He did real quickly and Henry eventually clotheslined him. The end came with Henry trying to suplex Bubba through the table but RVD gives him a spinning heel kick and a Five Star Frog Splash, but Jericho throws him out of the ring. As Jericho is taunting RVD, the Dudleys set up the table. Jericho turns around and 3D throught the table. After the match, the Dudleys and RVD bring a young kid into the ring and have a picture with the kid holding one of the Tag Titles and the Intercontinental Title. They then give the kid a piece of the table. Class Act
WINNERS: Dudley Boyz and Rob Van Dam in an awesome match: 4.5 out of 5


Edge was in Toronto yesterday and today as he was sent by WWE Canada to attend a Charity Event in Toronto, with several other Toronto Sports Superstars, for the special olympics. TSN Sportscenter had a small segment on the event, and you could see Edge signing autographs beside Toronto Blue Jays' Superstar Carlos Delgado.

Edge also attended the Maple Leaf Game last night and when TSN did the advertisements for Raw during the show, cut to Edge sitting in the crowd.

Sportscenter had another segment later on in the show about the Toronto Charity event today for the Special Olympics. Leaf great Darryl Sittler hosts it and next to the autograph signing they also have a floor hockey game between The Red Team and The Black Knights. The Red Team had Sittler and Argo Coach Mike "Pinball" Clemons as
Edge was the team captin for the Black Knights.

It appears as if his neck was fine from what was shown of him. He "speared" Pinball and took him off of the rink as well as giving him a Bear Hug (all in fun of course). Edge said that having to wake up every day at 5:30 to rehab his broken neck is nothing compared to what some of the kids at
the Special Olympics have had to go through.

Just from the way he looked and the way he was moving, I think Edge is closer to coming back before the March Return date. Maybe they can get him on TV for the February Smackdown PPV in a non-wrestling mode of some-sorts.

Edge on Byte This
November 6, 2003

Edge joins the show.

Edge says he will have a new Edgucation column up this week. He says he was on the road last week, so he slacked off a bit.

Josh asks when he will be back. Edge says that yesterday he got clearance to get back in to the ring to take a few tumbles and Mexican rolls, not thing too spectacular. He says that in a month he can get used to bumping. Then after that he can in the ring with someone like Benoit, who knows what he is going through because he has been through it. Then he will head to OVW for a month, then to WrestleMania.

Dr. Tom asks how it is to watch the tv shows and no participate. Edge says it was really hard. He says that in the beginning it was very hard, but he knew he didnt have a choice. He says now that his strength is up, he could get back in the ring tomorrow, but he knows he would suck. But he is getting frustrated waiting to come back.

Josh asks about a rumor that Edge cut his hair. Edge says that he cut off a few inches, but it is still very long.

Phone call from Jenny in Ontario who asks if it was easier to get noticed as an indy wrestler now or when Edge got started. Edge says when he started there were more places to go to get experience. He says he is out of the loop now because he was starting out 13 years ago, so he is not sure how it is right now. Dr. Tom interjects that getting a lot experience is what is missing today. Dr. Tom says that ambition and drive are a bit lacking from newer guys, and asks Edge if he will still have it when he comes back. Edge says he will. He also says that some guys coming in now are lacking experience. He says that some guys are getting thrown in after not much experience. He cites Haas and Benjamin as an example. He says they were in OVW for a little while, then they came in and worked with Benoit.

Josh asks if Edge would like to go back to SmackDown! or to go to RAW. Edge says he doesnt know. He says he would like to be in programs with Undertaker and Lesnar. But on the RAW said he would like to work with Jericho, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. He says he would to just go where he can help.

Phone call from John in New Jersey who asks about Stu Harts death. Edge says it was a tragedy, but he lived a full life. He says his funeral looked like a celebration. He says people were there telling stories and people were laughing, but it was also sad. He says he has a legacy and he has been an influence.

Phone call from Rebecca in CT who wishes Edge a happy belated birthday and asks who the first superstar was to call Edge after his surgery and what it meant to him. Edge says that after his surgery, he couldnt talk because they actually move your throat to perform the surgery. He said it took a lot to start to talk after a while. He says he doesnt know who the first person was that called, but he says that everyone called him. He says that Austin called him and told him to drink beer this year.

Email from Troy of Alberta who asks who Edges favorite band is. Edge says he cant narrow it down to just one put goes on to list: Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam.

Phone call from Jenn who asks what changes Edge sees for his character when he comes back. Edge says he has been thinking about that and he doesnt know. He says he would like to make some subtle changes like changes his outfit design, but doesnt know if he should lose the trench coat or get new music or cut off his hair. But he says that if he ever cuts off his hair, it will be as an angle to get a heel some heat from it. He says his character needs more layers and he would like more opportunities to speak. He says during his last run, he had a chance to have great 25 minute long matches, but never got to cut a promo. He jokes about how he got to cut Kurts hair and it still hasnt grown back.

Dr. Tom asks Edge his views about backyard wrestling. Edge says he hates it. He says he thinks to get trained properly is the way to get into this business. He says that guys should watch guys like Taker who have been in the business for so long and are still going. He says that when he comes back he will probably no longer be doing any TLC matches or spears off of a 20-foot ladder. He said he will be working smarter. He cites Austin VS. Dude Love from 1998 about how you can work smart.

Email from Fern in England who asks about a rumor that Edge was going to be in the new Batman film. Edge says that hes heard that rumor also, but it is untrue. He said he doesnt really have an agent, but wouldnt care if he was offered a part because he just wants to get back to being in the ring again. He jokes that he had also heard he was playing the part of Egghead in the new Batman film. He said he has a misshapen head, so it would work well.

Email from Matt in NY who asks about the name Sexton Hardcastle. He says that name was made up in high castle. He says a friend of his who wrestles by the name of Syn was the original Sexton Hardcastle. He had gotten the name from the tv show in the 80s Hardcastle and McCormick. Edge said he thought it was the most ridiculous and cool sounding name he had ever heard. He says that after he went around in the indies as a babyface named Adam Impact, he turned heel and became Sexton Hardcastle.

Email from Lisa in Buffalo who asks what Edge thinks about current tag teams. Edge likes Haas and Benjamin, how they pick body parts to attack. He also likes The Basham Brothers. He says tag team competition has been in a funk as of late, but thinks with teams like these, tag team matches can rise up again.

Dr. Tom asks about the Edgucation column. Edge says when he comes back, he doesnt know if it will still be written. But he likes the opportunity to be able to get feedback form the fans like he does with his column. He says he tries to answer as many emails as he gets, but sometimes it is impossible.

Josh asks about Edge writing an autobiography. Edge confirms that he is writing one, and it will be released next October. He says that the first draft was just about his life, no funny stories or anything. But now he has gone back and added some things. Hes gotten Lance Storm and Christian to read it and they liked it.

Edge leaves the show.